Woman receives 4 year sentence for murdering husband

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Australia: Four years’ jail for killing husband in drunken rage

Story here. Excerpt:

Chaim Kimel, 55, died on the operating table at St Vincent’s Hospital, just hours after an argument about the couple’s catering business turned violent.

A jury earlier this year found Stewart, 32, not guilty of his murder but guilty of manslaughter.

In court yesterday, Stewart was sentenced to four years and six months in jail, with a non-parole period of four years.

She will be eligible for release in June 2011.

Stewart sobbed as Justice Jane Mathews spoke of her history of drug and alcohol abuse, anorexia and self-harm; she had suffered the childhood traumas of her mother dying of breast cancer and of sexual abuse by three different people.

Stewart had told psychiatrists she believed Mr Kimel to be dominating her in the relationship. But Justice Mathews said whatever perception Stewart had of her husband’s behaviour, it was probably “designed to shield her from her own excesses.’

F4L: Yes, there always is an excuse.  If it was not her husband or any other man who made her do it, then the next in line are the devil or her inner demons.  If everything else fails, the poor murdering mama can always claim nothing more than that she just could not help herself and just had to do it.


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