Should Dr. Crippen be exonerated?

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Evening Standard, England

Give Crippen a pardon, says descendant

Danny Buckland

DESCENDANTS of infamous wife-killer Dr Hawley Crippen have demanded that his body is exhumed and he is given a posthumous pardon.

A legal challenge has been lodged against the conviction of Crippen for the murder of his wife Cora which scandalised Victorian society.

Crippen, the first fugitive to be caught with the use of wireless telegraphy, was hanged 99 years ago. However, his closest descendant Patrick Crippen claims that new DNA evidence shows the remains discovered under the cellar at Dr Crippen’s north London home belonged to a man.

Mr Crippen, a former senior marketing executive from Dayton, Ohio, said: “He did not kill his wife, of that I am sure and the evidence is overwhelming that the body was male. It is a celebrated horror case but the prosecution was entirely wrong.

“There was so much furore around the case that Hawley was bound to be found guilty. The jury took just 27 minutes. The DNA evidence and a longer, more sober look at the facts reveals this is a gross miscarriage of justice.”…. Full Story (That link no longer functions, but here is a copy of the article.)

F4L: It is very common for false allegations to be levelled against men and for such men then to be convicted of crimes that they did not commit, all the more so if the alleged victim is a woman.  Even though it very rarely happens that men will be cleared of such wrongful convictions, it may well be that Dr. Crippen may still have been involved in the crime that caused a murder victim to be buried in the basement of his house.

However, he should without a doubt be exonerated of having murdered his wife, if the DNA tests on the discovered murder victim, a man, prove to be correct.  That will provide a good-sized income to all who will be involved in proving that the law, no matter how much time goes by, is incorruptible.

Yet, there is still the question of where Dr. Crippen’s wife disappeared to and whose man’s body it is that was found in Dr. Crippen’s basement.  Did Dr. Crippen’s wife do that deed, and did she on account of that then make herself scarce?

Without a doubt there is a lot more money that can be made by the legal industry by applying itself to solving those questions.  Whatever the courts will come up with may not necessarily be the truth, but we can be sure of a couple of things, it will be a finding that is backed up by the full power of the law, and it will have made a lot of lawyers richer; and don’t forget, judges are lawyers, too.

Oh, what a glorious case this is!  It could easily carry on for years until all money that can be made available runs out.  Charles Dickens would have written a book about it.

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