Woman charged in murder of police officer husband

Woman charged in murder of police officer husband

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‘But here’s where the evidence didn’t seem to fit quite right. For one thing, said McCartin, a policeman at home, out of uniform, would never reveal he was a cop for fear of making a bad situation worse. And besides, if Joel had been shot while confronting his attackers, there should have been blood spatter everywhere. But there wasn’t. There was lots of blood, of course. But only on the couch.

…In my opinion he was shot while he was sleepin’ on the couch. He was on the couch the entire time.’…

The black widow

A police officer is murdered, and his wife, who is having an affair, is charged

By Keith Morrison
NBC News
updated 6:00 p.m. MT, Fri., Dec. 19, 2008

She is cunning – the black widow – deceitful, as she weaves her deadly web. Only the sharpest eye could spot the fault, the clue, the dangling thread. Though, if that thread were ever pulled, what a frightful unravelling might ensue….

Los Angeles, 1998

911 Operator: “9-1-1 emergency operator #682.”


911 Operator:”Okay ma’am, what happened?”

Diane Bates:”I don’t know! It’s my son-in-law!”

The call was from the mother in law, back from a night at the movies.

Diane Bates: “It’s a gunshot! He’s bleeding!”

Diane Bates was distraught. It was she who discovered Joel Shanbrom, sprawled on the couch. Dead.

911 Operator: “Got shot by a gun?”

Diane Bates: “He’s dead, I think!”

Detective Brian McCartin: He was shot in the head three times….(Full Story)

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