Woman tried to hire hit-man to kill husband

Woman caught on tape trying to hire a hit-man to kill her ex-husband

Story here. Excerpt:

A Washington state woman is accused of trying to hire [a hit-man ] to kill her ex-husband and his family, and police say they have the video to prove it.

Investigators said 28-year-old Elizabeth Beimer was enraged over a custody battle with her ex-husband and asked a friend to help find a hit man. That friend went to the police….(Full Story)

F4L — Update 2009 01 04: That is one case of where the murder of a husband was prevented.  How many times has a hit-man been hired, when a wife wanted an easy “divorce”, all of the matrimonial assets and the life insurance, and the plot was not discovered? No one knows!

All we know is that roughly one third of murders of men remain unsolved.  Not all of the blame for those unsolved murders can be laid at the feet of women.  Nevertheless, when, for example, poison was used, the murders are often not even thought to be anything other than deaths of natural causes, unless the little wife is so unfortunate as to come under suspicion when, one after another, she had become “bereaved” of her husbands.

Michael Newton, in his book Bad Girls Do It! an Encyclopedia of Female Murderers (Paperback – Nov 1993), scratched the surface of that.  The book has a flaw.  It is without an index, but, after reading the book, one is left to wonder what caused the myth of female innocence to come into existence.  The book illustrates that without a doubt it is the myth of female innocence that permits many women to kill and kill again without coming under suspicion.  The book leaves the impression that there are right now many women who murdered with impunity without having come under suspicion, let alone having been charged with murder.

See also Richard Stephens’ analysis of the myth of female innocence with respect to the fairly recent denial (but not all that long ago widely acknowledged prevalence) of the phenomenon of female serial killers.

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