SOS: “Taken into Custody” could go out of print

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A very important appeal by Stephen Baskerville:

Cumberland House Publishing is being sold, and unless action is taken soon, Taken Into Custody will go out of print.  This is serious for two reasons:  First copies will no longer be available.  Second, if this book does not succeed, no other book on the abuses of family court and the divorce industry will be published for a very long time.  Publishers make decisions based on what sells.   If you want your own book published, please help with the success of this one.

This is urgent, as it could go out of print in a matter of days.

Two things must be done:

First, we need to sell as many copies as possible while the book is still in print.  Now is the time to buy copies and urge others to do so.  To order, go to the TIC page on Amazon here.

Second, if you have any media contacts, now is the time to use them.  I need more radio and TV exposure to keep the book alive.

To assist you, Mike Seeber and Molly Olson have produced the following terrific 2-minute video, which is now up on YouTube.  Please distribute this to your media contacts and local officials:

Baskerville Speaks — Family Court Puts Profit Over People

TIC now has 54 5-star reviews on Amazon.  Few books have comparable ratings.  All published reviews have been highly positive.  (See the list of reviews and jacket quotations below.)

Thanks for all your support and assistance in the past.  And hang in there.


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