Are huge charities worth the money we give them?

Are huge charities worth the money we give them?

By Jimmy Deuchars

The big children’s charities are struggling to survive due to the credit crunch and are hitting out at the government and local authorities on child care. Are they pointing out today so strongly the authorities cannot cope or to justify their own worth?

Now is the time to examine how we donate to charities nowadays and wonder “does charity start at home?”  The big wealthy charities spend a fortune on graphic advertising using the problem of child abuse to motivate you to give a gift at Christmas or subscribe to them monthly, they use every opportunity to get you to give more and more.

The majority of your money goes on fat cat wages, advertising, staff wages, premises and training and countless other expenses. Is that how you want your money spent? How much is actually going to help the children?

What is their basic function of these big charities? A helpline like our own to refer abused children directly to social services a government organisation you pay for already. Why Social Services?  (not that they are perfect either)  but because  they are the only organisation that has the legal right to interfere in family life. The governments already have a national helpline that is very widely known and paid for by your taxes.

The bet way to protect children from neglect or abuse needs someone close to stop the abuse before it causes real damage, someone that has a very special interest in children and knows the family intimately by knowing their shortcomings.  Someone that is so close the children know them well and can find comfort in them.. This special someone believe it or not does not even have any legal right to the children. Who are they?  They are Grandparents!

“Think about it, these wealthy giants can only help after the damage to children is done.” Grandparents on the other hand have an earnest desire to protect their grandchildren before they are damaged or worse Which will cost you nothing!  Just ask your local MP MSP or member of the Welsh assembly to raise “Grandparents early detection of child abuse” in parliament, and you will be saving thousands from abuse or worse, giving them a right to a future.

Jimmy Deuchars

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