Girl used claw hammer to kill mother

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San Diego 6 (XETV-TV), Cal., US
Bay City Television

2008 12 18

Girl To Stand Trial For Murdering Mother After Scary Message Found on Cellphone

14-year-old to be tried as adult in the death of her mother Rebecca D’Aoust.
SAN DIEGO – A teenage girl accused of killing her adoptive mother by striking her at least 15 times with a claw hammer in their Scripps Ranch home was ordered Wednesday to stand trial on a murder charge….(Full Story)

Here is an excerpt from an article about her sentencing:

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Teen sentenced in mother’s death

By Dana Littlefield

Jan. 27, 2010

An uneasy mixture of sadness, anger and compassion hung in the courtroom air yesterday as a 16-year-old girl who fatally bludgeoned her mother with a claw hammer was sentenced to prison.

The mood was punctuated by several heavy sighs from onlookers. One came from the girl’s father, who forgave her for murdering his wife of 30 years. Another came from the judge who sentenced Heather Marie D’Aoust to 16 years to life.

San Diego Superior Court Judge Michael Wellington said that he was convinced Heather suffered from a severe mental health disorder but that it was not a legal defense in this case….(Full Story)


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