Woman says she shot abusive boyfriend while he slept

Woman says she shot abusive boyfriend while he slept

Cantorep.com, Canton, Ohio, US

Canton Township woman says she shot abusive boyfriend while he slept

By Shane Hoover
CantonRep.com staff writer
Posted Dec 18, 2008 @ 03:15 PM

CANTON — Authorities say Andrea M. Carr woke with an idea in her head: She was going to shoot her boyfriend.

William L. Polen was abusive and threatened her and her 12-year-old daughter, Carr allegedly told investigators, so she shot him in the head with a .357-caliber revolver and slashed his neck as he slept….(Full Story)

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Canton Township woman accused of killing her child’s father

By Lori Monsewicz
CantonRep.com staff writer
Posted Dec 09, 2008 @ 08:17 AM

CANTON TWP. — Since May, Stark County sheriff’s deputies say they have been called to the home shared by William Lee Polen and Andrea Carr at least seven times, often to help settle a domestic dispute.

Investigators returned Tuesday, this time to recover Polen’s body, leading to a murder charge against Carr.

She is accused of killing her boyfriend and leaving the couple’s toddler behind as he slept in an upstairs bedroom….(Full Story)


F4L: Of course, the accused victim is not around to defend himself.  It is not possible for him to speak up to his defence, as the accuser blew off his head and slashed his neck.  He is dead.

Nevertheless, the accuser stated that her murder victim had threatened “her daughter.” It would be worth examining, in the victim’s defence, whether the offence that led to his death was that he perhaps overstepped his boundaries by asserting that “her daughter” was his daughter, too.

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