Wife shot husband of 24 years 11 times into back

Wife shot husband of 24 years 11 times into back

‘Self-Loathing’ Spurred ‘Sick’ Shot Cop, Says Wife’s Lawyers

[Sorry, that’s the original title of the article]

By The Staff at wowOwow.com; 2008 12 18

Barbara Sheehan admits that she shot her retired New York City cop husband to death. On February 18, the mother of two confessed, she used two guns to fire 11 bullets into her husband’s back as he shaved. She described it as self-defense. The actual reasoning, however, remains a bit hazy….(Full Story)
F4L: The article goes on to tell that Barbara Sheehan’s husband of 24 years, Raymond, had been abusive, caused his two children to be scared of him, liked to cross-dress and have his wife watch him do it.  She just could not take it any longer and fired 11 shots into his back while he was shaving.

It seems that Barbara Sheehan must have lived in a prison and was chained to its walls.  Otherwise, why would she not have have walked out rather than to use two guns to shoot her husband 11 times in the back as he shaved?

Surely it would have taken no more than one shot to stop him from doing that.  The other ten shots were overkill.

Her lawyer produced lingery that Raymond Sheehan is said to have worn.  All of which proves without a doubt, I guess, that Raymond Sheehan was a villain and the cause of his own shooting.  However, why should cross-dressing, a perfectly legal activity, serve a useful purpose in the victim’s trial by stunts?

Raymond Sheehan did not produce anything in his defence, as he has been quite dead since February, ever since his wife shot him to death.

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