Feminism’s benefits to women revisited

Feminism’s benefits to women revisited — Many people, especially quite a few fathers rights activists, feel that little progress has been made in rolling back the great harm to society that was brought about by modern feminism.  Opinions like that are largely correct, but not entirely.  Progress is being made.

The harm done by feminism is enormous, but one must consider that no problem was ever eradicated until the first major step to an effective problem solution was taken.  That is, problem recognition by a critical mass of people affected by a given problem.

Until a little more than a decade ago, modern feminism was not viewed, publicly, as a problem.  It was considered to be the solution to all of women’s issues.  That view was promoted in a single unified voice by newspapers, magazines and broadcasting.  There were then very few dissenting and objective opinions to the contrary, no more than a handful of dissenting articles a year in the mainstream media – world-wide – that dared to disagree with the view that modern feminism had brought about a true liberation of women.

However, the dissenting opinions that were published in the MSM not only stated, with respect to the effects on a society that was once well-functioning – but no longer, that feminism was not all good but had in effect destroyed society, created a rift between the two sexes and brought about the disdain for and serious discrimination against men and even against boys.

The few dissenting and anti-feminist articles that were published then opened the door to an objective assessment of the ostensible advantages brought about by feminism.  We have to give credit to those who wrote such articles then at often great personal sacrifices and suffering brought on by contracting the wrath of feminists.

Here is one of the very first few articles that were very critical of feminism and the social destruction it had brought about:

Erin Pizzey wrote:

The following is a draft article that The Daily Mail asked me to  write yesterday.  I only had two hours to write it, so it is rough.  They may not run it, but at least they asked for it, knowing that I am anti-feminist, and that in itself is a breakthrough.

Thursday 11 December 1997

Why I, as an ardent anti-feminist, feel sorry for women
By Erin Pizzey

I feel sorry for women of my generation who were tricked into believing that the so called women’s movement had anything to offer women except tears.

Professor Ruth Wisse from Harvard, has this to say about the women’s movement: ‘By defining relationships between men and women in terms of power and competition instead of reciprocity and cooperation, the movement tore apart the most basic and fragile contract in human society, the unit from which all other social institutions draw their strength.’

I believe that the women’s movement internationally has been the most extreme and the most influential cause of the destruction of family life in this century….(Full Article)

Erin Pizzey is the founder of the first modern women’s shelter, (the Women’s Refuge in Chiswick, London, England, in 1971).  She thereby started the women’s shelter movement that was in short order usurped by radical feminists (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist feminists) who then turned the movement into the inexhaustible cash cow with whom we all are familiar today.

Erin Pizzey stated, “Feminists have hijacked the women’s shelter movement and are using [the shelters] as bunkers in their war against men.” (“It’s the men who need help now,Alberta Report, October 19, 1998, page 37)

That was a time when men’s rights activists, men and women, could not find publishers who would print and distribute books they wrote on behalf of men and families.  They quite literally had to create publishing companies of their own to be able to get their books into print (e. g.: Daniel Amneus, Ph.D.)

Even though there are attempts (e. g.: the Canadian Government institution Status of Women and its blacklist of men’s rights organizations and fathers rights activists) to stem the tide of anti-feminist sentiments, that tide can no longer be stopped.  Thanks to the steadily growing number of people like Erin Pizzey and Daniel Amneus, the truth about feminism and the harm it causes is now no longer hidden.

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