Secrecy of U.K. family courts is to end

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From Manumit:

As always, it is judicious to wait and see if the reality matches the promises.

The British ‘family’ courts also seem to deal a lot with child ‘protection’
matters, and not just matrimonial separation and divorce.

The Times (Britain)
17 December 2008

“Access all areas” for media so justice is seen to be done

By Frances Gibb, Legal Editor

The secrecy of the family courts – in which nearly 95,000 cases are heard
in private each year – is to end under reforms announced yesterday that
will allow the media access to all levels of the system. The move could
mean that social workers and expert witnesses who fail children, and now
enjoy the protection of anonymity, will in future be named publicly when
criticised by judges.

Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, said that from April the media would be
permitted access to all family cases in all courts – from celebrity
divorces to hearings over domestic violence or children being removed from families.

“A really important veil is being lifted on what happens in these courts,”
he said….(Full Story)

F4L: Right. Don’t believe it until you see it happen.

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