Mother Who Shot Her Children Denied Parole

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Post Chronicle; NY

2008 12 09

Diane Downs Photo: Mother Who Shot Her Children Denied Parole

by Jack Ryan

The once beautiful blonde bombshell who was convicted of shooting her children, killing one, and causing the other two to have dysfunctional bodies, was denied parole. Diane Downs is the mother who was caught after she shot two of her children, and killed one of them. She was denied parole despite serving almost 25 years in jail. It seems the government is particularly convinced by her actions to keep her in jail.

The story of Diane Downs is a sad one. Her crime of attacking her children in such a brutal way is certainly a strange one. Downs shot her 7-year-old Cheryl Lynn and inflicted fatal wounds, Cheryl Lynn died. Her other two children were severely wounded but survived. Her one son is a paraplegic and Down’s other daughter remains partly paralyzed

Diane Downs is known to be a narcissistic psychopath. According to police reports since then she has shown no remorse for her dead child or her eternally injured ones. She was sentenced to 55 years but after 25 she must be given a chance of parole every two years. She has tried to escape prison a number of times an according to reports has done little to show personal improvement.

The tale is certainly a strange one. If you want to read more about it go here. Her story caused the world to blink in the early 1980s. (c) tPC

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Take this, Diane Downs: Sociopath Mom Denied Parole, a deeper look into Diane Downs’ circumstances and character.

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