Man told police his girlfriend shot him because he broke up with her

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Canton Repository (subscription) – Canton, OH, USA

2008 12 10

By Lori Monsewicz

A Canton man told police that when he told his girlfriend he was breaking up with her, she shot him.

Eugene J. Waiters, 41, of the 2300 block of Second Street NE, was shot in the hip at his home at 10:10 p.m. Tuesday with a silver revolver, Canton Police reports said….(Full Story)
Update 2008 12 11: There is far more to that story than meets the eye at first glance.  Both, the shooter and her victim, had previously been in conflict with the law on account of violent crimes involving deaths: Christine Butler, the shooter, for stabbing to death her half brother over a borrowed car that her half brother had not returned, and Eugene Waiters for his role in a violent break-and-enter in the home of a foster mother that ended in the foster mother being shot to death, while her son had been shot in the back, all on account of a drug deal that had gone sour.

The son survived, but he was later shot to death “when he grabbed a handgun as Canton Police SWAT team and Vice Unit officers raided his own home. A Stark County grand jury last month ruled the shooting as justifiable.”

At any rate, Eugene Waiters, the shooting victim of Christine Butler, is now also under arrest; over a weapon possession charge while he was on parole for drug trafficking and aggravated burglary, apparently involving illegal possession of the gun that was used to shoot him. (Full Story, also by Lori Monsewicz)

Comment by F4L: Short prison sentences surely provide for a lot of work by law enforcement and the legal industry.  Under those circumstances, the players in the case so far do not appear to have hurt any members of the general public, but that may only be a matter of time or of looking a bit harder, especially if the legal industry is making so much money being involved in crimes that would not repeatedly happen, at least not as often, if the offenders were to be kept for long intervals under lock and key.

Without a doubt, short sentences for violent offenders are good for the business of the law, while the general public pays for all of it through its taxes (aside from losing property and often their lives, when customers of the drug dealers rob and steal to feed their habits).  Oh what a glorious war on crime and drugs!

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