Ignatieff slanders all Canadian men

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National Post

2008 12 10

A slander on Canadian men

By Barbara Kay

What kind of leader will Michael Ignatieff be? It’s a question that popped into my head when he cranked out a communique last week about domestic violence. It was the sort of pro forma statement most of the media ignored. But I didn’t….

Marking the 19th annual commemoration of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre, Mr. Ignatieff issued a statement commiserating with the 14 female victims’ families. Well and good.

Not well and good was the lily-gilding statement, “Even today, nearly one in three Canadian women are victims of spousal abuse.”

This oft-cited figure is a myth, fabricated from whole ideological cloth. If true, the epidemic social pathology it represents would render Canada as dysfunctional as Darfur….

There are important words Mr. Ignatieff needs to say to the literally millions of blameless fellow men his ignorance and bias have slandered: “I was wrong. I’m sorry.” If he doesn’t have the courage to do so, I would hope that Canadian men and fair-minded Canadian women will remember his cowardly silence, as I will, when next they go to the polls….(Full Story)

Comment by F4L:  In other words, anyone, any man and any woman who respects men, would need to have their head examined if they were to vote for the Liberal Party that promotes feminists’ outrageous hatred and slander of men.

Make sure to read the in-depth comparison of the significance of the 1989 Montreal massacre in the context of the ongoing sacrifices by Canadian men, by Prof. Jeffrey Asher.

Read not only that, but read also Barbara Kay’s Dec. 6 article about the propaganda of IPV violence: Fed on myths, preying on men, National Post.

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