Some mothers – as some fathers – can be and are violent

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The Sydney Morning Herald
2 December 2008

Mother sues daughter over book – and loses

AP – A British mother lost a libel suit on Monday against the daughter who
claimed in a book that her childhood had been marred by emotional and
physical abuse.

Constance Briscoe had defended her book, Ugly, as a true account of her suffering at the hands of her mother, Carmen Briscoe-Mitchell.

The jury returned a unanimous verdict in favour of Briscoe and her publisher, Hodder & Stoughton Ltd., after a day of deliberations.

The book has sold more than half a million copies since its publication two years ago, and Briscoe has written a sequel, Beyond Ugly.
Briscoe testified that her mother beat her repeatedly with a stick for bed-wetting and called her a “dirty little whore”. The abuse drove her to drink bleach in a suicide attempt, and she had plastic surgery in response to her mother’s taunts that she was ugly, Briscoe said….(Full Story)
Well, nothing breeds success like success.  If there is money to be made with libelling one’s own mother, why not?


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