Woman in custody after fatal shooting

Update 2019 01 23: Added links to related articles.

Kansas City Star – MO, USA

2008 11 25

A woman was in police custody Monday night after telling officers she shot and killed a man in the 9600 block of Bannister Road, Kansas city.

Police were called to the shooting about 11:10 p.m. Officers found several women in the house, along with a man thought to be in his 50s dead from a gunshot wound.

Police said one of the women told the officers she shot the man….(2019 01 23: The link to that article is now broken, but the following item pertains to a related update.)

Update 2008 11 26:

MyFox Kansas City – Kansas City, MO, USA

Woman Admits Shooting Naked, Handcuffed Ex-Husband Over Sex

2008 11 25

KANSAS CITY, MO  —  A woman is under arrest after she told police she shot her ex-husband who kept coming over and demanding sex from her….(2019 01 23: Unfortunately, the link to that article is broken as well.)

Update 2019 01 23:

It is somewhat difficult to comprehend how a naked handcuffed ex-husband can be a deadly threat that warrants to be killed.  Unfortunately, no amount of searching turned up anything that provides more information or whether the killer was let loose.


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