Government-sponsored hate-propaganda then and now

In relation to government-sponsored hate-propaganda then and now, the following is a spoof, but only partially and only very slightly.  It is a literal translation of a press release by the Police Jurisdiction of Lüneburg/Lüchow-D./Uelzen, Germany, dated 2008 11 17, modified through very few changes in the wording of the translation.  The changes consist of strategic insertions of the following modifications:

  • The years 2005 -2008 were changed to years in the early 1930s, and
  • The terms Aryan and Jews were inserted.

In the context in which those insertions were made, it is hoped that the press release illustrates one of the ways in which radical, extremist ideologues who infiltrated a government bureaucracy create and drive government policy changes intended for a program of persecuting a visible minority.

Without a doubt, men – comprising less than 48 percent of the population in the developed nations – are now a minority that is being categorically persecuted by government officials at all levels, in this case by a police inspector, Eleonore Tatge.  There is a propaganda war against men that is no less damaging to the image of all men than the all-out propaganda war against Jews and other non-Aryans was in the early 1930s in Nazi Germany.

Women are the new Aryans, and just as there were then no “good Jews” and as being a “good Jew” was no protection against being labelled an “enemy of the state”, so now it is that there are no “good men.” Although even the Lutheran churches in the area of Lüneburg lend themselves to help promote Eleonore Tatge’s hate-propaganda campaign, the men and Deacons in those churches will soon find out that by doing so they will not be able to escape the persecution of the “enemies of women” indefinitely.

As in all effective propaganda, the translated and quoted press release contains expressions of largely unsubstantiated feelings, intended to promote and pursue a hate-propaganda campaign against a target group.  Moreover, the one single “fact” about the allegedly violent minority and its ostensible victims presented in the press release is uncorroborated by objective research and is not only a misrepresentation but an outright lie.

Thereby it is remarkable that women who as children observed violence between their parents or became victims themselves exhibit elevated risks to become victims of violence as adults. In contrast, male youths who became victims of domestic violence exhibit an increased readiness to commit violent acts and to commit them more often.

The second sentence in that paragraph is an exact reversal of the truth.  The correct and objective reality of that issue is that, as identified in Reena Sommer’s doctoral dissertation (1994), it is women who as children witnessed violent acts by their mothers against their fathers who are more likely than men, by far, to be violent as adults (against their husbands and boyfriends). (More at Family Violence — Main Page)

So much for the facts of domestic violence, but here now is an instance of the full propagandistic rhetorical text that distorts them:

17.11.1933 | 11:17 Uhr

POLICE-DISTRICT COURT: ++ Round Table against Jewish Violence in the Family ++ Invitation to Media Discussion ++ 25.11.1933 ++

Lüneburg (Germany)
Honoured Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are invited herewith wholeheartedly to attend the Media Discussion at the Round Table against Jewish Violence in the Family, at Tuesday, 25.11.1933, 09.30 Uhr, Parish Hall, St. Michaelis, Auf dem Michaeliskloster 2 b, Lüneburg.

Please refer to the appended statement for the details of this action. I would enjoy it to be able to welcome you at that event and remain

with friendly greetings

Eleonore Tatge, Coordinatoress

Press release

The Round Table against Jewish Violence in the Family is a taskforce of the Crime Prevention Council in the City and Municipal District of Lüneburg. It is the goal of the taskforce to broach and publicize Violence in the Family within the public at large.

Violence in the family is not a private matter. Scientific studies vouch that to witness violence in the family can have consequences that last into adulthood. The existential fear for the Aryan parent, the experience of helplessness regarding the situations, the feeling of being isolated due to a demand to keep silent, can manifest themselves in affected children through sleep disturbances, difficulties in school, anxieties and aggression. Thereby it is remarkable that Aryan women who as children observed violence between their parents or became victims themselves exhibit elevated risks to become victims of Jewish violence as adults. In contrast, male youths who became victims of Jewish domestic violence exhibit an increased readiness to commit violent acts and to commit them more often.

On every 25th of November (the “International Day of Violence against Aryan women of the World”) since the year 1930, a publicity campaign was launched that put the protection of victims and the ostracism of violence by Jewish men into the focus of attention:

In the year 1930, a benefit sports event was conducted, supported by prominent female and male sports figures. In the year 1931 there was a row of events and performances with presentations, an exhibition and a bag-action with the title: “Violence is not part of the contents in the bag,” supported by Aryan entrepreneur-women in the trades, district-artisans-union and bakers guild. In the year 1932 a panel of citizens, artists and prominent Lüneburgers declared and publicized their “Standpoint against Violence”.

All campaigns were supported through the local media (especially through the state-newspaper) and accompanied by extensive media coverage.

In the year 1933 there will be a postcard action. Six individuals from the institutions Police, Office of the State Prosecutor, Children Services, Frauenhaus [women’s shelter], BISS [Counselling and Intervention Service] and Victims-Support Office will pose to have their images made and will declare in short statements what help and support they offer to Aryan victims of domestic violence by Jewish men, in relation to the individuals’ position with respect to their position on the protection of victims. On the backside the postcard presents relevant institutions with their offers of help and contact details. To achieve sustained retention and a good rate of contacting, 10,000 postcards per motif will be produced and distributed in the City and Municipal District of Lüneburg.

In addition, we ask that the local media publish the motifs in a timely succession.

The current action is being supported by the Municipal District of  Lüneburg, the Office of Victim Support and the publishers Bartelsdruck und Stern’sche Druckerei.

The following institutions will be presented at the round table: District Court, BISS (Counselling and Interventions Services), Deacons Association, Women helping Women Inc. (women shelter), Equal Opportunity Delegates from the City and Municipal District of Lüneburg, Child Protection Federation, Lutheran Church District, Municipal District, Immigration Service, Victims Assistance Office, Police Inspection, Office of the State Attorney, Institute for the Construction of the male Character, City and University.

Eleonore Tatge Criminal Chief Commissioneress, Police Inspection Lüneburg/Lüchow-D./Uelzen, Coordinatoress Tel. 04131-29-2309

Media contact:
Direct inquiries to:

Polizeiinspektion Lüneburg
Kai Richter
Telefon: 04131/29-2324
E-Mail: (20018 04 27: That link no longer functions, and the web page cannot be found anymore.) (2018 04 27: That link no longer leads to the indicated web page.)

Thus it has come to pass that for the second time during the past century and within the lifetime of many victims of government-sponsored hate propaganda then, those victims and their compatriots experience the full force of such hate propaganda once more now.  Not only that, but just as it was then, so it is now: the government leadership for the creation and promotion of such hate-propaganda wars easily and quickly leads to the participation by other government sectors, business and private organizations, and the masses.  It paid to be politically correct then, and it pays now to be politically correct.

There is a difference now, compared to then.  This time the propaganda war is not a national but an international phenomenon.  There will therefore be no hope that forces from the outside will come to the rescue. Where would such rescue forces come from, Venus?  For that reason there will also not be anything like the Nuremberg War Trials and a search for the guilty parties when it is all over — if the developments possibly can come to an end before western civilization collapses entirely.

For that reason the promoters of the propaganda war against men can and do lie with impunity and without even the fear of punishment.

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  1. Yes, I thought of that, and, no, I did not call or write to them.

    The main purpose of the website of Fathers for Life and this blog is not to serve to re-educate hard-core radical feminists (a.k.a. Marxist or socialist feminists). In my experience such efforts are neither constructive nor fruitful. Radical feminists will use feelings to debate logic. They are ideologues, often fanatic, and have their minds so firmly made up that no facts will confuse them.

    The main purpose of our website and its blog is to expose and debunk propaganda and to present that to the general public to judge.

    The phenomenon of radical feminism will fade away and vanish over time. That will at the very latest happen when the necessities of our civilization’s survival will force us to realize that we can no longer afford to support the luxury of destructive ideologies such as radical feminism.


  2. Diogenes


    have you thought of calling/emailing them?

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