Governments in love with feminism

Governments in love with feminism do little or nothing for families. The family models shown and described at Fathers for Life have been expanded and at the same time simplified to show the evolution of the relationships and the relative powers of men and women, families, people, government and business over time.  That was done by Angry Harry (a pseudonym used by a man who is eminently qualified to write about such things).  The models by Angry Harry, explaining things in the greater context of the state of recent and current modern society, are as follows.

government and people, then and nowgovernment and people, thengovernment and people, nowgovernment and people, now

Those diagrams give you the general picture, but you would miss out a lot if you were not to spend about ten to twelve minutes in reading the information, advice and instructions offered in the essay by Angry Harry that contains them:

Why Governments Love Feminism, 2008-11-09, by Angry Harry

Feminism has very little to do with equality between the genders, and it also has very little to do with the rights of women.

However, as Angry Harry explains in his essay, feminism has much to do with the growth of government, with the escalating destruction of our families and with the ever-increasing deterioration of the quality of our lives.

See more detailed family models as per Robert Lindsay Cheney Jr.

See also: Feminism and families are as old as civilization, 2007 10 27

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