Another elected dictatorship, conservative, but so what?

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Catholic Insight

Why Stephen Harper should be retired

By Fr. Alphonse de Valk

Issue: November 2008

After the election of October 14, a number of political observers concluded that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s time is coming to an end.  Don Martin in the National Post ( Oct.14), still argued that Harper had won the election and now is secure in the saddle. Half a dozen others, however, saw his third failure to obtain a majority in the House of Commons as a sign pointing to the exit. Lawrence Martin of the Globe and Mail wrote that Harper will be gone before “the next vote” (Oct. 16)….

In general the commentators emphasized similar failures in analyzing why Stephen Harper did not get his majority. As the only spokesman for the Conservatives, all other MPs having been silenced once more, the blame, they said, falls squarely on him, mostly because of his autocratic personality….

Yes, the Harper government has made some improvements, such as the abolition of the Court Challenges Program, the appointment of judges opposed to judicial activism, and extending child support directly to families instead of spending billions on centralized daycare.

However, none of this makes up for the most grievous flaw of all, Harper’s outright and brutal rejection of the pro-life ethic in defence of the dignity of all persons, newly re-iterated in the most blatant way possible….(Full Story)

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