120 Fathers Rights Demonstrators in Fulda (Germany)

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120 Fathers Rights Demonstrators in Fulda (Germany) — It is worthwhile checking out the photos relating to the article.  They provide a few ideas for the wording and formats of placards that can be used on placards at other demonstrations elsewhere.

The photo in the main article shows expunged fathers writing (with chalk) the names of their children on the pavement in front of the Fulda Court Building.  Fulda is a German city with a population of about 60,000.

The slogans visible and legible in the photos related to the main article translate as follows:

13 photos in the related photo series:

  1. …and when do I get to see Dad?” (Link)
  2. Children’s Rights on Paper —
    Their Fathers are here today
    ” (Link)
  3. Family-splitting
    instead of
    Splitting of Partners in Marriage
    “”You too have a right to both parents“”Both Parents for all Children” (Link)
  4. …and when do I get to see Dad?” (Link)
  5. Shared Custody“”Visitation that happens
    (Sorry, that doesn’t make much sense to anyone who is not initiated, unless the absence of any other information implies that the visitation that happens is nil.) (Link)
  6. The placard shown is of the Frankfurt Branch of the organization “Fathers Decampment [as for an uprising] for Children“. In addition to address details, the placard states “Two Parents for all Children” (Link)
  7. www.AktiveVaeter.de [active fathers] demand now:
    Custody-Right from Birth
    ” (which says nothing about paternal rights after conception, but that exclusion is quite possibly deliberate — after all, would it be wise for anyone to deny mothers the exclusive right to kill unborn children?) Link)
  8. …and when do I get to see Dad?“(Link)
  9. Fathers Decampment [as for an uprising] for Children“”Men’s Commissioner
    That implies that there is none, alluding to the fact that every developed nation has a government department for the “Status of Women” or for women but nothing comparable for men.  Sorry, but a sign like that is not of much help in promoting the causes of men, women and families.A discussion of why that is so would take too much space here.Let’s just say that only some of the initiated-few understand what the sign is getting at.  The philosophical complexity of the placard violates a few of the fundamental requirements for successful propaganda.  Hitler, who without a doubt was an expert when it comes to designing successful and effective propaganda, explained it like this:

    All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to. Consequently, the greater the mass it is intended to reach, the lower its purely intellectual level will have to be. But if, as in propaganda for sticking out a war, the aim is to influence a whole people, we must avoid excessive intellectual demands on our public, and too much caution cannot be extended in this direction. … (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter VI)

    Shared Custody


  10. www.AktiveVaeter.de [active fathers] demand now:
    Custody-Right from Birth
    “”Fathers Decampment [as for an uprising] for Children
    Local Chapter [Saar-] Pfalz
  11. Men’s Commissioner“”Shared Custody“(Link)
  12. Photo (used in the main article) shows expunged fathers writing (with chalk) the names of their children on the pavement in front of the Fulda Court Building.(Link)
  13. Men’s Commissioner“”Fathers Decampment [as for an uprising] for Children
    Local Chapter Saar-Pfalz

Translation of the article in the Fuldaer Zeitung  (Fulda News):

120 Demonstrators in the Inner City

2008 10 05

FULDA “We are here and quite loud, because they steal our children!” That is how it resounded through the Inner City of Fulda.

With that slogan the organization “Fathers Decampment [as for getting an uprising underway] for Children” demonstrated for the strengthening of the position of fathers who after separations want to take over responsibility for their children.

About 120 demonstrators walked in connection with that through the Inner City.

And because the critique aimed mainly at politics, church and courts, the demonstrators went past the City Palace, the Cathedral and the Fulda District Court.

In front of the main gate of the Court Building, the fathers used chalk to write on the pavement the names of their children with whom they they may not and cannot have any contact.

The demonstration finished with a closing rally on the University Plaza.

The aim of the organization is for the implementation of more equal rights [sic] in child-access and -custody.
Comment by Fathers for Life: Compulsory divorce (ostensibly “no-fault” divorce, almost exclusively imposed on fathers and husbands, almost always against their wishes, in about half of marriages that form) is the primary cause for the escalation of the systematic destruction of the fundamental building block of society, the family.  It is thereby virtually the sole reason why fathers are expunged from the lives of their children.

To restore the respect that society once had for fathers and families and therefore to promote respect and love between fathers and mothers and harmony in families would provide for a stable and productive society; as it once did before the family became deliberately deconstructed.

One gains the strong impression that the aim of demonstrations, such as the one in Fulda, held by expunged fathers is not to promote the reconstruction of families and society, thereby to re-establish the esteem in which society once held fathers, but it is to give complaining fathers an opportunity to promote social changes that will eliminate their being discriminated against when they are forced to live with the consequences of separation and divorce.

It appears that such expunged and complaining fathers want to have rights that are equal to those held by women in sharing the loot that can be gained by scavenging amongst the ruins, rubble and ashes produced by the war against  families and society.

Equally-shared parenting still gives children on average only half of the parenting that they are entitled to.

Only two parents who live for their children and cooperate with one another to raise their children to the best of their abilities while sharing the same roof with their children will produce the best outcomes for their children.

From the perspective of a child of divorce, two parents living apart and equally sharing custody still add up to only one whole parent.  The reality of that is reflected in the results of the measurement of the outcomes in children from families.  In general, children that are not raised by two married parents living under a common roof with their children display more than twice the level of undesired outcomes than do children in married families.

Under the sponsorship of the Heritage Foundation, Patrick Fagan produced a good number of reports that provide irrefutable evidence of the extensive destructiveness of divorce and fatherlessness with respect to outcomes in children of single-mother “families”.

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