Great majority of women in abuse shelters abuses tax dollars

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October 2, 2008

Few women in abuse shelters are true victims of violence

By Carey Roberts

Lachrymose tales of battered women abound when representatives of abuse shelters come calling, hat in hand, for taxpayer money. But what is the truth of the matter — are abuse shelters really brimming with hapless victims trying to break free of the cycle of violence?

The answer to that question is a surprising “No.” In the great majority of cases, women at abuse shelters have suffered no physical injury or harm….(Full Story)

Comments by Fathers for Life: Carey Roberts tells nothing new, but what he tells needs telling, over and over.  He mentions in his article,

“And for those women who were physically harmed, many turn out to be just as abusive as the partners they are trying to escape from, according to Erin Pizzey, founder of the first abuse shelter in the world.”

The exact words by Erin Pizzey are: “…62 women out of the first hundred women who came to the refuge were as violent or more violent than the men they left.  Also many were prostitutes taking refuge from their violent pimps.” (The Planned Destruction of the Family)

For more revealing and astounding information on the abuse of the taxpayers by the women’s shelter industry check Battered Women’s Shelters — Index.

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