Wisconsin — 67 DV Homicides in ’06-07

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67 DV Homicides in Wisconsin in ’06-07 — Neither the heading nor the article in the Wisconsin Capital Times provides much information on whether women or men were the primary victims.  Mind you, the article alludes that only women victims of DV matter.

The Capital Times

Grim report shows 67 domestic violence homicides in state in ’06-07

Jessica VanEgeren  —  10/02/2008 9:23 am

Two years ago in Fond du Lac, a 43-year-old woman was killed by her husband. The weapon of choice: a cinder block. Earlier that year in Marathon County, a 40-year-old woman was beaten and strangled. She died at the hands of her husband after a piece of broken glass from a candy dish was stuffed down her throat….(Full Story)

That first paragraph in the article sets the stage.  After that, it doesn’t matter all that much anymore that the rest of the article is very careful to avoid  breaking down the fatality victims into men, women and children.

Perhaps there is a reason for that.  Maybe it is an interesting bit of truth that peeked through a chink in the armor of obfuscation in the article:

58 children under the age of 18 were left orphaned or without a mother or father as a result of domestic violence. Of the young children who lost a parent, 28 percent lost their mothers.

That means that 16 children lost their mothers and 42 lost their fathers.  The article provides no further clue as to what the proportions were of men and women who became DV murder victims.  Going by the proportion of the children who lost mothers and who lost fathers, the ratio of fathers to mothers killed is 2.6 fathers for every mother. That says nothing about who the perpetrators were.  However, the mothers’ ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands seem to have been the perpetrators in a good number of cases.

Does that mean that Wisconsin has almost three times as many battered men’s shelters as it has battered women’s shelters?  I don’t think so.  As far as I know, all of the Wisconsin shelters for victims of domestic violence are for women only.

Furthermore, the remedy for the victims of domestic violence is as follows:

Patti Seger, the executive director of the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence, said getting victims to the point where they are ready to leave their abusers is an ongoing challenge.

The odd thing is that “getting victims to the point where they are ready to leave their abusers” appears to be exactly the trigger that causes much of the serious or deadly violence in the first place.

Given the fact that there is not one battered men’s shelter in Wisconsin, the victims that Patti Seger spoke about are all women. So, the solution to creating the love and respect necessary between spouses to prevent themselves or their ex-lovers from beating each other to death is to isolate them from one another, to make them separate, to have the victims leave their abusers, to get divorces — thereby to keep women safe, and men don’t matter.

There is a culture of violence that boys and girls are being indoctrinated with from the time before Kindergarten.

Without a doubt, girls are no longer being urged to be lady-like but to be more like boys, even to be “as strong” as boys, which is, given that boys hardly ever defend themselves, not all that hard to do when it comes to that.

It happens far more often now that a girl is encouraged to be violent, and every time one slaps a boy in the face, gives him a black eye or two, or kicks him in the genitals, there is little reproach and more likely a resounding “Good for you! There you go, girl!”  That, as the years go by, is then being followed up with other lessons for such violent girls, by which they learn that in the eyes of the law they can do no wrong and that they can even commit murder with impunity.

On the other hand, it is more typical of society to teach boys who are old enough to play in a sandbox, “Boys don’t hit girls!”  That is then being followed up with lessons that teach boys and young men that they never, under any circumstance, may be violent to a woman, that there is never an excuse for them.

The other day, when I asked her whether her son was still single, the mother of a young man told me, “Yup, he is, but that is better than being black and blue all the time.”

Whenever something did not please her, his girlfriend – whom he had lived with for a few years – beat him black and blue on a regular basis, scratched up his immaculate truck, kicked in the truck’s head- and tail lights and slashed the truck’s tires.

The young man’s mother told me,

He got rid of her and now she is with X [a young man whom we both know] and is continuing the same violent behaviour with him. Fortunately, I taught him [her son] all his life not ever to hit a woman.  At least he did not go to jail and he doesn’t have a criminal record for defending himself, but he is better off single than being constantly black and blue; and, thankfully, there are no children.

At what time in their lives do people learn to have respect for one another?  There is one thing that is certain in that regard. At least there was once a time when society tried to do that, until the feminists and their fellow-travellers usurped power and control and began to create the rift between the sexes.


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