The Effect of Feminism on Canadian Society

Barbara Kay, columnist at Canada’s National Post, in her speech at the 25th Anniversary Conference of REAL Women of Canada, The Effect of Feminism on Canadian Society (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; 20 September 2008), in describing what has in effect become a totalitarian society dominated and controlled by feminist ideology and doctrine, stated:

….Nothing is more illustrative of the punitive character of feminist excesses than family court. Here is where misandry in its most open, cynical and pernicious form is found. Over 85% of contested custody suits end with mothers receiving sole custody over children. The remaining 15% divide children between other family members, agencies and fathers, so in fact fathers arrive at sole custody about 7% of the time.

Only an extreme systemic contempt for the value of a father’s role in the life of a child can explain such a disparity, and only an extreme prejudice against men in general can explain that contempt, and nobody pretends otherwise.

Indeed, one of the more chilling statements I have ever read, one that captures the casual acceptance of democracy’s fall from grace in family court was this from the National Association of Women and the Law: “Courts may treat parents unequally and deny them basic civil liberties and rights, as long as their motives are good.”…. (See Full Speech— I am sorry, but that link no longer appears to function.  However, “The original English text can be found at the end of the French translation” at this URL. –WHS*)

More of Barbara Kay’s speeches –I am sorry, but that link no longer appears to function. –WHS*)

* It appears that the speech and all of Barbara Kay’s speeches are now behind a pay-wall, but, once more, the excerpts shown above are from Barbara Kay’s speech on “The Effect of Feminism on Canadian Society,” of which a transcript is shown at the end of this web page.

Although Barbara Kay did not dwell on it in her speech, the totalitarian system created and controlled by feminists such as in Canada now prevails in all developed nations and extends to virtually all developing nations, in what is becoming a truly feminist, global, socialist, totalitarian State.

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