Status of Women Canada wines, dines and travels

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Status of Women Canada wines, dines and travels — Self-serving socializing or promoting the interests of Canadian women?

Whatever it may be considered to be, is the high cost of socializing illustrated here due to valuable work on behalf of women?  Let’s not forget that Canadian men pay for three quarters of it, while there is no government department Status of Men Canada.

Nevertheless, despite MP (Vegreville-Wainwright) Leon Benoit’s denial of the existence of his party’s government department for the Status of Women Canada, SWC is very much in existence, alive, kicking and spending tax dollars generously.

Given that the Conservative Party of Canada changed the exercise of the Freedom of Information Act to impose all-out restrictions on the freedom of information, one must wonder whether the information made accessible here through the generosity of the Canadian Government will be accessible for much longer….(Full Story)

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