Why we need a men’s movement

Updated 2019 01 25: Added links to related articles.

In relation to why we need a men’s movement, Angry Harry put up links to excellent videos at his website.  You need to see those. (The first items listed at the top of the home page.)

  1. The first video, “Why we need a men’s movement”, and its related short video clips, address the consequences of years and decades of discrimination against men.
  2. The second set of videos is about the causes of discrimination against men.  Those are ten free segments of  a full documentary (available on a CD by indoctrinate-u.com — 2018 04 28: that link no longer functions, use this one) that relate to the abrogation of academic freedom, but also illuminate many other issues, such as the lack of men’s studies programs, while women’s studies programs abound.

Both sets of videos are specific to the US.  However, anyone who has been following the evolution of feminist social engineering can affirm that the all-out promotion of women’s programs only and the loss of academic freedom are generic and universal problems that affect primarily all developed nations.

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