Justice questioned in salt-poisoning case

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2008 09 20

John MacCormack – Express-News

Justice questioned in salt-poisoning case

CORPUS CHRISTI — Early on Oct. 3, 2006, the morning after her neighbor Hannah Overton had rushed a dying 4-year-old boy to a nearby urgent care clinic, Kathi Haller got a visit from police.

Haller, 30, who took notes of the encounter and later testified about it under oath, said Detective Michael Hess arrived already convinced that Overton poisoned her foster son Andrew Burd with salt….(Full Story)

Comments by Fathers for Life: It appears that the truth in this case is hidden and at best convoluted, but it also seems that the article, a very long one, looks like a trial by media.

As to salt poisoning being rare, a claim that is being made by one of the experts in the case, that is not so.  It is not that uncommommon to use salt poisoning to murder children.

Not only that, but it seems to be a fairly safe method for those to who use it.  It is hard to prove that it was done deliberately.  The question is whether it is more likely that someone was unjustly accused of doing the poisoning or that someone is more likely to get away with murder if using salt as a weapon to murder a child.

Mind you, salt poisoning is not being mentioned much at all when it is being used by third parties in the killing of a child, such as in an abortion, which are frequently induced by poisoning an unborn child with salt.

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