Academic Freedom is dead?

Academic freedom is dead at US universities, judging by the documentary produced by Support Independent Film, “Indoctrinate U” (accessible at YouTube for free and at — 2018 04 28: that link no longer functions, use this one), but, for that fact alone, all the more worth fighting for.  Anyone who is the least bit objective would agree, but, as the documentary illustrates, to even ask questions about academic freedom, such as to ask a university Diversity Office as to where a men’s studies department can be found on campus, will result in campus security being called to evict the questioner, rather than to have any official explain that diversity works only for women, not men, even though men comprise now a minority on US campuses.

The phenomenon is not an American monopoly.  It also exists on Canadian campuses, as does the great disparity in the numbers of male and female students.  The issue of the gradual but deliberate abrogation of academic freedom was a favorite topic that the now defunct Report Newsmagazine covered in many of its issues already years ago.  It is not being discussed much in the media anymore.  It appears that academics as well as journalists have become sufficiently indoctrinated or, perhaps more aptly for many, afraid for their careers, no to bother to discuss academic freedom in Canada any longer. (For a few stories on that see the index at: Political Correctness 101)

However, the problem does not affect just Canada or the USA.  All nations in the world that are in the grip of rising or established totalitarianism (primarily the developed nations) experience the suppression of freedom of speech, first and foremost in their universities where the suppression of academic freedom, of freedom of speech and of other civil liberties breeds, proliferates and appears to originate, frequently and surprisingly from within the staff and the student body of universities.

You can check that out for yourself, but be careful.  Asking an Association of University Staff for the right answer may be like asking the fox to guard the chickens, or more aptly, to ask the fox who was asked to guard the chickens for an honest answer on his taste preferences.

Update 2008 10 25:  Indoctrinate U will be on the US Documentary Channel (2008, Oct. 27th through Nov. 4th)

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