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Academic Freedom is dead?

Academic freedom is dead at US universities, judging by the documentary produced by Support Independent Film, “Indoctrinate U” (accessible at YouTube for free and at http://indoctrinate-u.com — 2018 04 28: that link no longer functions, use this one), but, for that fact alone, all the more worth fighting for.  Anyone who is the least bit objective would agree, but, as the documentary illustrates, to even ask questions about academic freedom, such as to ask a university Diversity Office as to where a men’s studies department can be found on campus, will result in campus security being called to evict the questioner, rather than to have any official explain that diversity … Continue reading

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Justice questioned in salt-poisoning case

My SA News 2008 09 20 John MacCormack – Express-News Justice questioned in salt-poisoning case CORPUS CHRISTI — Early on Oct. 3, 2006, the morning after her neighbor Hannah Overton had rushed a dying 4-year-old boy to a nearby urgent care clinic, Kathi Haller got a visit from police. Haller, 30, who took notes of the encounter and later testified about it under oath, said Detective Michael Hess arrived already convinced that Overton poisoned her foster son Andrew Burd with salt….(Full Story) _____________ Comments by Fathers for Life: It appears that the truth in this case is hidden and at best convoluted, but it also seems that the article, a … Continue reading

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