Rape charge may result in charges for lying

Mike McIntyre ,  Winnipeg Free Press
Published: Friday, September 19, 2008

Rape charge may result in charges for lying

WINNIPEG – A man charged with a vicious rape has been released from jail and cleared of wrongdoing after his alleged victim got caught lying to Manitoba justice officials about her relationship with the accused.

Veteran defence lawyer Sheldon Pinx says he’s never seen such a case during his many years of practice. He said the woman should now be charged for what she put his client through, including nearly seven months behind bars….(Full Story)

Comments by Fathers for Life:  Obviously, the lying woman used the full power of the State to persecute the man she had had voluntary sex with.  The story says nothing about why she did so, but she could have done it for the most inane reasons.  After all, she has got all of the power and a crown prosecutor who is eager to believe her lies but who is reluctant to accept the possibility that the accuser’s assertions and allegations could be fabricated.

The story mentions that the real victim in the case, the man who served seven months in jail on account of a wrongful allegation that carried not an ounce of truth, feels vindicated.  How can that be?  Seven months served for a wrongful allegation and no complaint about loss freedom, wages and reputation?  There is something seriously wrong with either the reporting of his sentiments or with the man or both, even though the story reports that the man is angry.

“Veteran defence lawyer Sheldon Pinx says he’s never seen such a case during his many years of practice.”  Right, he may never have seen such a case, but is he ignorant of them and of the fact that lying by women is endemic in Canadian jurisprudence?

Pinx can hardly be ignorant of the fact that a large number of Canadian men served many years in prison and were then exonerated, under very similar circumstances and for very similar reasons: lying accusers and a system out to get those falsely accused men, including making all possible efforts to deny the existence of exonerating evidence.

Many of those men were then released and compensated with millions of dollars for having had their lives destroyed.  Many of them proved, after having been indoctrinated through the prison culture, that their lives had been destroyed permanently, and that compensation for time wrongfully served in prison hardly is a remedy for what was done to those men.

“Pinx said his client feels vindicated…” He said the woman should now be charged for what she put his client through…

That most likely means that no charges of perjury will be filed, and that the man will not be compensated for the ordeal he was put through.

One would expect that the woman should be held responsible for all legal expenses, even for the cost for incarcerating the man whom she had falsely accused, but so what?  It’s all paid for already anyway, through the magnificent benevolence of the Canadian taxpayers.  It would never do to hold such a woman responsible for the consequences of her actions.

The general sentiments are that such women (as do all women) belong on pedestals and must never be made to foot the bill for what they cause through lying.  That is what is wrong with the system.  It enables women to lie with impunity, to be violent with impunity, and to impose violence by proxy, with the State serving as proxy to inflict great harm on men, with very little effort by women.

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