Persecuting the victim of a sexual assault

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From the mail box of Fathers for Life, re: Persecuting the victim of a sexual assault,

I live in the U.S. But I’m hoping that you might know where I can get some help. Last year my son was fondled by another boy. This year he yelled at the boy, calling him gay, and pushed him. The supervisor saw it and now my son is in BIG trouble, probably a hate “crime.” The assistant principal and I had agreed that my son was honest and well-raised. He implied that he’d have done the same thing. I thought I was done with this and was surprised when the school sent me a letter outlining my son’s unacceptable behavior without acknowledging what led up to it. This is a “politically correct” situation and my son’s caught in the middle.

Do you have any information or experiences that can help guide me? Is there an organization in the States that can help?

[The father of a sexually assaulted boy]

Does anyone have advice for the father of the sexually assaulted boy?

#CivilRights #GayIssues #TheNewWorldOrder

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