Insider Trading by a self-serving US Judiciary

Insider Trading by a self-serving US Judiciary

Investigative journalism that can expose the secrecy of the US Federal Judiciary as a cover for coordinated wrongdoing among its judges

Reporters’ opportunity to test judges’ unaccountability at the US Judicial Conference on September 15-17

Call for action by reporters


Sep. 15, 2008

Dear Reporter and Judicial Reform Advocate,

Kindly find below an article submitted for publication that deals with the annual meeting of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts and the other top federal judges of the Judicial Conference in Washington, DC, Tuesday-Wednesday, September 16-17, 2008.

The Conference Committees are scheduled to meet on Monday, September 15, at the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building (see below).

The Conference will afford reporters, investigative journalists, and bloggers the opportunity to confront the judges of the Judiciary’s governing body with, in general, the facts discussed below of their unaccountability for the totality of their conduct of judicial and non-judicial acts and, in particular, the referenced evidence of bankruptcy, district, and circuit judges who are abusing such unaccountability to support and cover up a bankruptcy fraud scheme driven by a most insidious corruptor: Money!

In addition, given the enormous power that judges wield over people’s property, liberty, and even lives, and the fact that however they exercise it, they can get away with it, they have turned their judicial power into absolute power. Such is the power that corrupts absolutely.

For those media people who seize the opportunity of the Conference to set in motion an investigation into how unaccountable judges have used the Money and Power corruptors to operate a scheme and who ultimately bring judges down from their “Above the law” position to account for their coordination of wrongdoing, the rewards can be high:

  1. to win a Pulitzer Prize, as Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post did for their exposé of Watergate;
  2. to be portrayed in a movie, as they were in “All the President’s Men”, starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman; and
  3. to earn the higher moral reward of the recognition of a grateful nation for their contribution to bringing our judicial system closer to the lofty goal of “Equal Justice Under Law” in a nation where nobody is supposed to be above the law.

I respectfully invite you to forward the Newsrelease below to your contacts in the news media and to encourage them to cover the Conference and interview its members (see Service List at ).

I would appreciate your letting me know at your earliest convenience whether you will publish the article.


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq

59 Crescent Street
Brooklyn, NY 11208
tel. (718)827-9521

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