Four boys killed by their mother

Four boys killed by their mother — [Their names] Faded, but not forgotten

The slayings of four boys by their mother left a community in shock more than a decade ago. Those who remember say the boys ‘deserve recognition for their lives and the lives they touched.’

By Linda Lou

September 14, 2008

The graves of the three Eubanks boys, shot to death by their mother in 1997 in San Marcos, rest under a thin camphor tree near concrete stairs.

Instead of headstones, concrete blocks slightly larger than bricks display the initial of each boy’s first name, their last name and the year they died. The gray blocks, surrounded by trimmed grass at the San Marcos Cemetery, appear well-maintained, but the letters are fading. The plain markers reveal little about the victims.

“A Eubanks” is on the left, “B Eubanks” rests in the middle, then “M Eubanks.” Austin was 7, Brigham, 6, and Matthew, 4.

Their half brother, Brandon Armstrong, 14, also killed by their mother, is buried in Texas and memorialized with a headstone there.

Online: Brandon Armstrong’s father has created a Web site to shine a light on this kind of tragedy. For the story, go to (2018 04 30: That link is not functioning.  It was not possible to determine what the correct URL for it should be.)

The slayings of the four brothers are arguably one of the darkest moments in San Marcos history. Like the letters on the grave markers, however, what happened to the boys has faded from many residents’ memories. The house where the murders happened was torched by firefighters in a training exercise. Some might not know the murders ever happened — more than 10,000 people have moved to the city since 1997….(Full Story — 2018 04 30: That link is not functioning.  It was not possible to determine what the correct URL for it should be. However, the circumstances of the case are described in this article.)

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