A Horrific Night

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2008 09 03

Hi Guys,

Not feeling to good today Guys after a Major Incident in my cab last night. I’m not wanting to get into the cab anymore but needs must and all that, i’ve got to clean the cab which is going to take some doing ‘cos there’s blood everywhere: on the roof, windows, floor, seats, and i found a couple of teeth for good measure.  Two women where trying to Kill each other and don’t get me wrong, i’ve been doing this job for 26 years and i’ve seen it all, but what i saw last night is the worst i’ve seen.

One women has a broken jaw and nose, the other has a broken nose plus loads of other injuries.  While i was driving at about 70 mph, i was on the phone to the police and they said “we will get a car to you within 30 mins.” I said, “i don’t think you quite understand” and put my intercom on so they could hear what was going. Then he said, “tell me were you are, and we’ll have cars to you within mins; and good on them, they were only mins.

The most scary thing about it was, while doing 70mph one of them jumped out of the window and, lucky for her, one of her legs got stuck, but let’s just say her body was flappen like the flag on my last upload, all in a nights work.

There’s a lot more that went on but i’ll be here all day trying to write it down. Let’s just say, that 25 mins i’ll never forget it. If i could turn those 25mins into a horror film, it would be a best seller.

Sorry Guys for boring you with it but i can’t tell lynsey, so i need to tell some one.

chears Guys,

Oh the reason i was driving so fast i was trying to get to a police station as quick as possible. I’m off to clean the cab with gloves and a mask,,,,…..Just found another tooth while cleaning the back out
no tooth fairy going to her though lol

chears guys

Cool – sounds a lot more exciting than a career in IT!

Trust me ade it is lol


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