The Manipulated Man

Updated 2019 01 27: Added links to related articles and a translation of the definitions of the German term ‘dressieren’, as the English translation of the original, German title of the book does not quite do justice to the meaning of ‘Der Dressierte Mann’ (‘The Manipulated Man’, is not sufficiently pejorative).

As per Esther Vilar, in her book The Manipulated Man,

Here is a list of issues which I recognized in the original book to be men’s most significant disadvantages compared to women.

  1. Men are conscripted; women are not.
  2. Men are sent to fight in wars; women are not.
  3. Men retire later than women (even though, due to their lower life-expectancy, they should have the right to retire earlier).
  4. Men have almost no influence over their reproduction (for males, there is neither a pill nor abortion — they can only get the children women want them to have).
  5. Men support women; women never, or only temporarily, support men.
  6. Men work all their lives; women work only temporarily or not at all.
  7. Even though men work all their lives, and women work only temporarily or not at all, on average, men are poorer than women.
  8. Men only ‘borrow’ their children; woman can keep them (as men work all their lives and women do not, men are automatically robbed of their children in cases of separation — with the reasoning that they have to work).

As one can see, if anything, the female position of power has only consolidated. Today a career in the military is also open to women in many countries — but without conscription for all. Many achieved for themselves the right to practice their job for the same number of years as their male colleagues — however, the retirement age was not increased for all of us. And now as before, it does not occur to the underprivileged to fight against this grotesque state of affairs.

Only as far as the sixth point is concerned, has there been a significant change. In the more entertaining spheres of work, there are more and more women who happily and willingly work and still keep their jobs despite having the children they nevertheless desire. But only a few of these women would be prepared to offer a life of comfort not only to their children but also the children’s fathers, supported by their often substantial salaries; and fewer would further be prepared, in case of a separation, to give up their home and offspring and support the next admirer with what is left of her income. Also, men would not like it: emancipation may be fine, but to be `kept’ by a woman is still not acceptable – housekeeping and raising children is not worthy of a `real’ man.

Sadly women’s manipulation of men is as topical today as it was back then, but so are the measures which could be used to end it — to the benefit of both sexes. In the meantime, however, there are already a few feminists who are talking also about men as human beings, so the continuation of this discussion may not have to be conducted quite so loudly.

Esther Vilar

Read the full pamphlet, The Manipulated Man, by Esther Vilar (69 pages, 245 kB PDF file).  It certainly is an eye-opener for men and women.  If you are a man and wish to be truly equal to women, you better read Esther Vilar’s prescription on how you can achieve that. If you are a woman, you can use what Esther Vilar wrote to enable you to cut through all of the feminist claptrap and give some honest, well-deserved respect and appreciation to men.

Still, although the disparities that Esther Vilar expounds exist and pervade our civilization, both men and women are reluctant to accept that those disparities are what she says they are — both for their very own and vastly different but selfish reasons.

Therefore it is doubtful that men and women will become free any time soon.  The mountainous disparities in the appreciation and treatment of the sexes will continue for a long time yet.  That is exactly what the feminist social engineers wanted all along, as that is a fundamental requirement for their continual and comfortable existence.

Book information at (3rd edition, not yet released)

The book reviews at should motivate you to buy a few copies of the book that you can give to your friends in need of being liberated.

Update 2019 01 27

Things get lost in translating from one language to another, so in the case of the translation of the German title of Esther Vilar’s book, Der Dressierte Mann to The Manipulated Man.  Fortunately, the translation of the German text of her book into English does not suffer from that shortcoming. Still, “Der Dressierte Mann” has a pejorative meaning that is considerably more precisely focused on the meaning of her book than is “The Manipulated Man.”  It is best to illustrate that through a translation of the definitions of “dressieren” as per a German dictionary, the Duden (comparable, in German, to the Oxford Dictionary).  Here goes:

"Dressieren" – translation of definitions

“Dressieren” — Translation of the German definitions into English

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