Maurice Vellacott (MP) on F4J Crusade for Equal Parenting

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Maurice Vellacott, MP

Cross Canada campaign to support Equal Parenting and Vellacott’s Motion M-483 arrives in Saskatoon

For Immediate Release                                                             August 22, 2008

SASKATOON — Maurice Vellacott, M.P Saskatoon-Wanuskewin has tabled a Private Members Motion (PMM-483)  which  proposes changes to the Federal Divorce Act to enshrine the principle of Equal Parenting during and after divorce.

Fathers 4 Justice Canada (F4J Canada) has supported such legislative changes since 2003 and believes that such change is long over-due. To educate and gather popular support from fellow Canadians for this important legislative action, F4J Canada has launched a cross-country tour with the support and assistance from local groups and company sponsors.

F4J’s cross Canada campaign arrives in Saskatoon this Friday, August 22, before moving on to Regina on Saturday. The F4J Superheroes will be stopping at Diefenbaker Park at the WAM (We Are Many) arts and environmental festival that opens Friday at noon and will have many big name entertainers there. After the festival opening ceremonies, the F4J Superheroes at 12:30pm will be meeting up with Saskatoon-Wanuskewin MP, Maurice Vellacott at the Diefenbaker Park at the south-east corner of Ruth Street and St. Henry Avenue.

Mr. Vellacott welcomes all his constituents, Saskatoon residents and visitors to stop by and visit with him and the F4J Superheroes, at Diefenbaker Park, at the south-east corner of Ruth Street and St. Henry Avenue, during the WAM festival this Friday, August 22, from 12:30pm through the early afternoon.

Children and adults will receive bracelets promoting truth, justice and equality, temporary tattoos with a message about M-483 and the opportunity to have their picture taken with some of our now famous Everyday Superheroes and the F4J Barney Mobile. Pre-addressed/postage paid postcards will be available for all who want to support M-483 and equal parenting.

“We invite all concerned Canadians to join with us and make their support known and visible in spreading the message that the time has come to act,” said Vellacott.

M-483 is currently scheduled for its first hour of debate in the House of Commons on Wednesday, October 8.

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For further comment, call (613) 992-1966 or 297-2249

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