F4J demonstration : Edmonton Alberta 2008 08 21

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Photos of the Fathers-4-Justice (Canada) demonstration that took place 2008 08 21 at Edmonton Churchill Square

(Note: The preceding link replaces the one to the previous PPT file that was accessible here and will take you to a photo album on facebook. — WHS 2011 03 14)

There was not enough time to speak much with any of the caped crusaders.  After the demonstration they packed up and went on to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Anyone who is subscribed to the mailing list of Fathers for Life has already read my observations on the impressions made by the F4J demonstration and on related tips for creating and maintaining a good and constructive relationship with the general public on fathers rights issues.

Demonstrations are not it, all by themselves.  The public relations work required to promote fathers’ and family rights needs to be ongoing, with demonstrations now and then providing a push to keep things in motion.


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