World population control impacts demographic trends

The other day my wife and I had a discussion with someone.  The topic of the discussion was “world population control.”  The other side in the discussion mentioned that war was used to drive and control, or had an impact on, demographic trends.

I stated that wars are quite inconsequential in regard to that, without going more into the details and reasons for my assertion.  I will now put things into perspective.

World War II caused the deaths of about 60 million people.  Moreover, since 1945, about 40 million more people died in military actions.  Ever since then, in anyone year, at least about two major wars were being fought somewhere in the world.  World War I caused the deaths of about ten million people, for a total of about 110 million people during the last century, or an average of about one million people each year.

That is a lot of deaths, but it is a relatively puny result with respect to population control.  It doesn’t even come close to the number of “potential” people being killed each year now, many of them through “voluntary” government-sponsored abortions, many more through compulsory abortions (e. g.: China’s one-child policy – two children in rural areas in China).  [Note, 2017 08 26: Consider that coercive government force was applied in China to bring about a total fertility rate that is now less than what is required to maintain China’s population, while in virtually all developed nations the total fertility rates are as low as and even far lower than China’s, without using direct government coercion, merely by making people wish to forego procreation or, when failing that, to kill off the consequences of conception on an industrial scale.]

Government-sponsored abortions alone (by force, or through stealth – without women or men being aware that they are being sterilized, or through persuasion) in the whole world now number about 50 million a year.

There is much more in relation to the systematic world-wide program for population control and reduction.  Some of that is illustrated and identified at Fathers for Life.

The preceding link identifies a lot of reading material, especially if one wishes to follow all of the links identified in the individual articles.

The following links will make it a little easier to determine whether one wishes to read any or even only a small portion of those articles.  Read this summary by someone who spent a fair portion of his life to check into the program for world population control and reduction by about 90 percent, to reach and maintain a world-population level of about 500 million to a billion people:

The Population Control Agenda, by Stanley K. Monteith, M.D.

To understand how all of today’s social engineering fits into and promotes all of that, have a look at this:

The Devil’s Work: Feminism and the Elite Depopulation Agenda, By Henry Makow Ph.D., February 20, 2002

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