The Government Divorce and the War on Fatherhood

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by Todd M. Aglialoro

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The article is an outstanding review of Stephen Baskerville’s book Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage and the Family.

This is what Stephen Baskerville says about it:

This review has just been published today as the cover story in, a prestigious and influential online magazine that is the successor to the print magazine Crisis.

This review is not only highly favorable, it is also amazingly perceptive.  Note the last line, where he calls this “a critical civil rights struggle; perhaps the most critical of all.”  This guy gets it (and he should be recognized).

The full review is here.  You can also leave comments, send a letter, etc.

In your comments — and in circulating this review to influential people (for which it is eminently suitable) — I might suggest you emphasize that Mr. Aglialoro is not exaggerating (and of course neither am I).


Read the review and send a copy of it to your legislators and representatives!

Keep in mind that although the main focus of Taken Into Custody is on the USA, the book, and also Todd Aglialoro’s review, makes it crystal clear that the governments’ war against fathers, marriage and the family prevails to identical extents in all developed nations.  In essence both, the book and the review, illustrate and discuss the implementation of the international agenda for the planned destruction of the family.


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