Mother commits murder/suicide out of spite

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BBC News

2008 07 31

Mother left notes before deaths

Emma Hart and Lewis Dangerfield

A woman suspected of killing her son before killing herself left notes for his father asking if he really thought she would let him bring up their child.

Twenty-seven-year-old Emma Hart’s body was found in Henley Close, Tipton, West Midlands on 9 December, 2007.

Her son, Lewis Dangerfield, five, was later found dead in Walker Street, where he lived with his mother.

Black Country Coroner Robin Balmain recorded Ms Hart killed herself and that Lewis was unlawfully killed.

Ms Hart’s body was found at her mother’s flat.

Black Country Coroner Robin Balmain heard Lewis’ father, Shaun Dangerfield, had split with Ms Hart and had a new partner.

Mr Dangerfield told the inquest at the Council House in Smethwick that the last text he had received from her in the days before her death had said “I know what to do now for the best” and was signed with a kiss….(Full Story)

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  1. It’s May 1 2009 Time For Murder-Suicides To Stop

    I’m doing my part to help BLOG OUT murder-suicides. I want people to know that there are other choices even when stuff looks and seems so dam bad that you see no other way out, there is a way. What? I’m sure people in distress enough to be considering murder-suicide as an option are beyond rational and think that any other choice is crazy and futile. That’s just the despair controlling their minds. It becomes like a mental illness and overwhelms them. They can’t see any other way, can’t even imagine how life was before it became bleak and therefore can’t imagine life ever being decent and meaningful for them again. I can understand despair. As a chronic pain sufferer you get tired of waking up everyday in pain. It seems as though there is no end to your pain. I’m sure many chronic pain sufferers can relate when I say, it makes you wonder what is the use? The use is your family, friends, associates, co-workers and folks you haven’t met yet whose lives you will touch and enhance. The use is that you have yet to accomplish what you can. The use is that your choosing murder-suicide is unfair to those you kill and those who will be left behind to try to piece together what you were going thru and mostly, WHY YOU DIDN’T COME AND ASK SOMEBODY FOR HELP AND UNDERSTANDING.

    People say, “things are never as bad as they seem”. I can say for a fact that most of the people committing murder-suicides are living in a time and land where they have more opportunities as well as more comforts than most of the folks on this planet. We get so caught up in a lifestyle that we can’t seem to get a handle on. What’ succesful? What’s good? What’s enjoyable? How do you know when you made it? How can I live without a new car? How can I make it without a big house? How can I make it without new clothes? I can’t live without………… We get so caught up in what we can’t, what we gotta have, what we gotta do that we forget to live life and enjoy the basic necessities. We overrate and over value keeping up with all of the things that are advertised as “the good life” and begin to measure our lives by that made up standard.

    The pressure to choose the easy way out when we think we haven’t and can’t live the good life is tremendous if you allow it to be and too many people allow it. The stress levels drive people to do things that seem other wise incredulous. Stop believing that your life is worth taking if you don’t have or can’t achieve the “advertised good life”. You are worth way more than that. Murder-Suicide isn’t a choice you need to make. It shouldn’t even be a choice. Murder-Suicide needs to go the way of the square stone wheel. It’s time we, as a people, as human beings, stood up and said to those who might even be thinking about murder-suicide right this minute: STOP, THERE IS A BETTER CHOICE and YOU ARE WORTH IT!! Let’s get thru this one day at a time. Slow down. Ask for help. Allow somebody to talk to you and allow them to help you. Your family deserves that chance. Your spouse deserves that chance. You deserve that chance. The moment of darkness doesn’t last forever if you allow people who care to shed light on you.

    Let’s put and end to murder-suicides. They affect all of us. The ripple effect is causing a tidal wave of massive proportions we can only yet begin to imagine. The POWER OF ONE can change a country. Let’s become a POWER OF ONE and stop, no eliminate murder-suicides as being a choice anybody could ever make.

    Chronic Pain Hero
    May 1, 2009
    Blogging Out The Pain

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