Restraining Orders out of Control

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Restraining orders out of control — that is being discussed here and relates to an aspect of domestic violence by women that grew, as the article explains, into a sector of the legal domestic violence industry that earns a massive amount of money: “Just the ‘identifiable costs’ – the cost for the state, not the victims – for these false reports was in excess of $18,200,000 in 2006.”

The New American
4 August 2008

Cover Story

Restraining Orders Out of Control

By Gregory A. Hession, J.D.

One day in December of 2005, Colleen Nestler came to Santa Fe County District Court in New Mexico with a bizarre seven-page typed statement and requested a domestic-abuse restraining order against late-night TV host David Letterman. She stated, under oath, that Letterman seriously abused her by causing her bankruptcy, mental cruelty, and sleep deprivation since 1994. Nestler also alleged that he sent her secret signals “in code words” through his television program for many years and that he “responded to my thoughts of love” by expressing that he wanted to marry her.

Judge Daniel Sanchez issued a restraining order against Letterman based on those allegations. By doing so, it put Letterman on a national list of domestic abusers, gave him a criminal record, took away several of his constitutionally protected rights, and subjected him to criminal prosecution if he contacted Nestler directly or indirectly, or possessed a firearm….(Full Story)


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