Chilean woman beat her daughter to death over homework

Chilean woman beat her daughter to death over homework-Police

Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:33am EDT

SANTIAGO, July 22 (Reuters) – A Chilean woman beat her daughter to death after she refused to do her homework, police said on Tuesday….(Full Story)

“She admits that she hit the girl, that she kicked her, punched her and threw her against furniture in the house,” said Mauricio Lara of the police homicide division.

“The girl started to develop trauma, felt ill, wanted to vomit and fainted. She herself drove her daughter to a nearby medical center, and there (the girl) suffered cardiorespiratory arrest. They tried to revive her, but she died.”

Rivera was accused of family violence by her partner last year, Lara said.

That’s it then. The perpetrator was a habitual offender.  No wonder the girl died.

Still, consider that if the mother would have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law, there would have been only one possible outcome, her daughter would still be alive, because the daughter would have been safe from her mother’s aggression.

One may think that it is impossible to guard against a mother killing her child, something that is so extremely unnatural and rare.  It may considered to be unnatural, but it is not at all rare that it happens.  That it happens as often as it does is due to the feminist-promoted myth of female innocence.

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