Tennessee : Mandatory paternity testing at birth

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Tennessee : Mandatory paternity testing at birth — Paternity Bill HB2964 – SB3717

paternity testingGerard Levesque pointed out the new Tennessee paternity bill.  The bill has the potential to increase identification of natural fathers of children.  It has another potential, to reduce paternity fraud, as it provides that no man’s name can be put on a birth certificate unless it has first been established through a DNA test that a given man is the natural father of the child whom the man is to be identified as the father.  Adoptive parents are to be an exception to that rule.

The Tennessee paternity bill is scheduled to become law on January 1, 2009, but it seems that as of now it has not yet passed through all stages of the legislative approval process.  (Someone from Tennessee may be able to shed more light on why not.  If you know why not, please respond to this blog entry.)

For more detailed information on the Tennessee Paternity Bill HB2964 – SB3717 check the menu options at the website of the Tennessee General Assembly.

Feminists heatedly object to mandatory paternity testing.  For example:

Mandatory Paternity Testing in TN, Because, You Know, Women Are Sluts

Via my weekly legislative updates from the Tennessee Women’s Political Caucus, (Senator Tate) SB3717HB2964 (Rep. Hardaway) has been placed on the House subcommittee calendar Public Health and Family Assistance of Health and Human Resources for Wednesday Feb. 20, 2008.

Basically, this bill provides that each child born in the state of Tennessee will be tested for paternity before the father’s name can be placed on the birth certificate. The state will take up the cost of paternity testing when parent’s are unable to afford the test. Oh, and married couples are not excluded, making the overt presumption that women are ‘unfaithful.’
If your husband died in Iraq, Afghanistan, or was killed in anyway after conception but before birth, too damn bad. Your child would be a bastard, should this be enacted, simply because the father is no longer available for that mandatory paternity test. Your word that you have not had sex with anyone else is not enough. Thus, your bastard would NOT be entitled to your now dead husband’s Social Security benefits.
How the hell this measure got this far is beyond me. Well, I shouldn’t say that, since too many not-so-bright-stars, that are so absolutely anti-woman, seem to get elected to the state legislature over and over here.
Contact your legislators. Let them know just how heinous this measure is. A woman’s assertion of who her child’s father is, can be trusted.
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Archcrone is wrong, not the least because her assertion that “Comments are closed” is most certainly false.  Mind you, it is obvious that her mind is closed to the truth.  Archcrone will maintain her lies as to women’s faithfulness at all and any costs.  Nevertheless, the truth proves her to be wrong, and the truth is a strong ally of any man falsely alleged to be the natural father of a given child.

DNA-paternity-test results by the American Association of Blood Banks from more than 300,000 paternity tests, annually, show that “a woman’s assertion as to who her child’s father iscannot on average be trusted, as the chances are in contested paternity cases that, on average, almost one in three that a child is not the genetic offspring of a given man fingered as the father of that child.

Here are more details on paternity-fraud issues and statistics.

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2 Responses to Tennessee : Mandatory paternity testing at birth

  1. I hope that you find that young man. He deserves to have you for a father, the only natural father he can have and, to boot, obviously a good one.

    All the best to both of you.


  2. From a man who wanted to remain anonymous:

    For 27 years I have often wondered if I fathered a child as an 18-year-old with a woman a few years older than I. When I learned of her pregnancy I asked her if I was the father and she angrily replied that I was not and to leave her alone as she was seeing someone else. I did, for 3 years, until I was asked to take a paternity test in which I was named the father.

    She then told me again at the outcome I was not the father after I expressed my anger. The rejection I took on was no less than monumental.

    I never felt or allowed closeness to any of my high school friends, not ever again. I did what a God-fearing man could do, I moved on, got a degree, married and have a beautiful wife, much nicer than the liar girl. We have 4 kids I know are my own, and I spent 21 years in the military in which I am now retired. I am now on my second career. In the world’s view, I guess, we are successful.

    A few months ago my father received a call asking if I was the father of the young man I have been distressed about. The girl who called hanged up when my dad could not answer her. I decided to call a relative of hers and let them know all I know.

    I am sharing this story because there is a deep perception that men don’t care about the children from unwed one-night relationships. Clearly, people should be able to see that it is a totally false claim, built on myth, and that the sword cuts both ways and always has. I have always felt the mother of this young man is in the self-accepting-loser category because of her willingness to accept lies and live in the falseness. I don’t know her anymore at all nor do I want too, but I decided to find the young man even if it hurts her way of life.

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