Australian Government’s official target for destruction: The traditional nuclear family

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Aussie Sex Discrimination Commissioner has difficulty with words

No seriously, don’t laugh. It’s not her fault if she doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “equality”. She’s only a poor feminist – as well as being the Aussie government’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

Having just completed a nation-wide tour of the whole of Australia she has just published her report titled, “A plan of action towards gender equality”.

I present below extracts from her own website where she explains what she means by “equality” and what she sees as her job. – (And you thought government are not ‘bending’ the rules to put women in control of our money?)

“It is a guiding principle in Commissioner Broderick’s work to recognise a diversity of experiences. This is being inclusive of Indigenous women, women with disabilities, culturally and linguistically diverse women, same-sex attracted women and low paid women. The Commissioner is committed to including both men and women in her efforts to promote gender equality”.

A plan of action towards gender equality

from Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

Based on the Listening Tour findings, Commissioner Broderick will focus on  the following areas:

Women and leadership

Commissioner Broderick will promote the importance of women’s  representation in leadership and decision-making roles across the  community, government and business, with a particular focus on Indigenous  women. This will include promoting and facilitating opportunities for women  to have their voices heard at a national, regional and international level.  The Commissioner will also encourage dialogue between Indigenous women and  corporate Australia.

Click here for a factsheet on women and leadership

Balancing paid work and family responsibilities
Commissioner Broderick will continue to challenge the way Australians think  about work and family balance by promoting the value of family friendly  work practices. The Commissioner will lead and contribute to achieving a  national scheme of paid leave for parents in Australia. She will work with  key stakeholders and advocate to government and other policy makers on the  need for a world-class scheme of paid maternity leave, supporting parent  leave and paid parental leave.
Click here for a factsheet on balancing work and family responsibilities

Sexual harassment in Australia
Commissioner Broderick will conduct a national telephone survey to track  trends in the incidence and nature of sexual harassment. The research will  inform an education strategy using new technologies, aimed at employees and  employers to drive down the incidence and impact of sexual harassment. The  Commissioner will work to increase the number of employers taking a  leadership role on sexual harassment.
Click here for a factsheet on sexual harassment

The gender gap in retirement savings
Commissioner Broderick will work with experts to investigate the factors  contributing to the gender gap in retirement savings and inform solutions  for increasing women’s economic independence over their lifetime.
Click here for a factsheet on the gender gap in retirement savings

Laws to address sex discrimination and promote gender equality
Commissioner Broderick will contribute to a review of the federal Sex  Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) to ensure that the law is effective to  address sex discrimination and sexual harassment experienced by  individuals, as well as promoting gender equality in Australian society.
Click here for a factsheet on the review of laws to address sex discrimination

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