Fatherlessness and same-sex parenting

Fatherlessness and same-sex parenting

»Satinover told me that there is a myriad of evidence which makes it, as he put it, “crystal clear that the absence of a father in a child’s life is one of the most pathogenic features you could conceive of.  For the last 35 years [that is, since 1973 — F4L] there have been hundreds and hundreds of studies examining the long-term impact on children of being raised without fathers.  That’s because fatherlessness has become a phenomenon not primarily due to the gay movement, but due to the impact of heterosexual divorce and other forms of heterosexual misbehavior.”«


2008 06 17

Marcia Segelstein – OneNewsNow Columnist – 6/17/2008

It’s been many years since the late Senator Patrick Moynihan tried to sound the alarm about the problem of fatherlessness in the black community and its long-term implications.  Not only did his words fall largely on deaf ears, he was harshly criticized for speaking up about it.

Sadly, what Moynihan saw happening in the black community has now happened in American society as a whole.  With celebrities leading the way, it is now no big deal for women to have babies out of wedlock.  The very phrase “out of wedlock” sounds positively old-fashioned.  Accidental pregnancies can be aborted – or not – take your pick.  And these days, eyebrows are barely raised over intentional pregnancies by single women.  The New York Times Magazine ran a cover story called “Looking for Mr. Good Sperm” a while back on the trend among single women, tired of waiting for Mr. Right, to seek out instead the right sperm donor.  The author writes, “As recently as the early 60’s, a ‘respectable’ woman needed to be married just to have sex, not to speak of children.”  Imagine!  What a ridiculous notion that sex was anything more than mere recreation.   And as for procreation, who needs it?!  The sex part that is.  Technology’s come a long way, baby.   So guess who’s become obsolete in an ever-growing number of households headed by single women or lesbian couples?  You got it: fathers.  But is that bad?….(Full Story)

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