Gender pay gap hype rears its ugly head again

The gender pay gap hype rears its ugly head again, thanks to advocacy “research”  sponsored by the AAUW (American Association of University Women), a feminist advocacy organization, as per a much publicized report, “Behind the Pay Gap.”

However, there are strong voices of disagreement, even women’s voices, who dare to challenge the AAUW’s gender pay gap view through the feminist gender-lens. Not only that, but some of those voices dare to debunk the AAUW’s long-standing gender pay-gap hype and hysteria.

Thanks to Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. and Manumit, who pointed to it, the following is an exchange of opinions on the pay gap issue that represents both sides of the argument, fact versus fancy, published in the Washington Times:

The original editorial that got the discussion going:

EDITORIAL: Fairness is not equality

Monday, July 14, 2008

Barack Obama has lately confused his adjectives when speaking to the supposed equality flaws in America’s employment system. What he should say and what this country needs is fair pay for women, which is not the same as equal pay. But that has not not stopped him from linking natural social behaviors to issues of equality in an attempt to convince single working mothers to cast their votes for him in November. If Mr. Obama’s profound logic was used, then it would follow that Mr. Obama himself is a hypocrite because the women working in his Senate office are outnumbered and outpaid by men….(Full Story)

An opposing feminist opinion (unsubstantiated, as is usual):

Equal pay for equal work is fair

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In “Fairness is not equality” (Editorial, Monday) the author blames the differences between women’s and men’s pay on women’s choices and argues that research on the pay gap ignores “common sense” factors such as “occupation, experience, seniority, education and hours worked.”….(Full Story)


Associate professor
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

Carla Fehr obviously and totally missed the foundation of the editorial she took offence to, “fair pay for women …is not the same as equal pay.” She appears to be a card-carrying member of both NOW and AAUW; at the very least she expresses her opinions like one; just as Hitler successfully rationalized, if you repeat the big lie often and all-pervasively enough, it will be accepted as “the truth.”

Here is a more objective and more reasonable voice:

LETTER TO EDITOR: Pay gap vanished

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unfortunately, what the author is citing (“Equal pay for equal work is fair,” Mailbox, Wednesday) is Web-posted, non-peer-reviewed advocacy “research.”

What she should be citing is peer-reviewed research published in the highest-level journals in the field. Had she skipped the Web and read America’s most prestigious peer-reviewed economics journal [American Economic Review], she would have found an article [‘The gender gap in wages, circa 2000’ *] by economist June O’Neill, the former director of the Congressional Budget Office….(Full Story)


Professor of psychology
Florida International
* The discussion paper that June O’Neill’s article was based on is as follows (not part of Gordon Finley’s comment):

Recent Trends and Current Sources of the Gender Wage Gap in the U.S.
June O’Neill; Department of Economics and Center for the Study of Business and Government, Baruch College, City University of New York, June, 2003 — 173 kB PDF file

Gordon E. Finley wrote another article on the issue of the gender pay gap:

ifeminist .com

Gender pay gap myths and 2008 , Sunday 18 November 2007, by Gordon E. Finley  (See article)

Here is a collection of related information at Fathers for Life that also soundly debunks the AAUW’s hype and hysteria on the gender pay gap and has done so for many years:  “Pay equity for women doesn’t exist?“.

It’s not that the truth isn’t out there.  For the truth to prevail, all that is needed is to mention it often enough and not to rely on the mainstream media to look after that responsibility.

The mainstream media, catering to an all-powerful leftist, central and controlling ideology, just as the German media did under Hitler, lies, lies and lies, unflinchingly.

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  1. crljones says:

    Rather annoying that this women is from Saskatoon SK and now teaches FEMINIST dogma as philosophy in Iowa!
    Gordon Finlay seems reasonable.

    I have decided to deconstruct Dr. Fehr’s evidence at my blog.
    Stand By.

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