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Housing crisis: Fears for 100,000 jobs as sector suffers ‘worst conditions for 50 years’

By Harry Wallop and Jonathan Russell
Last Updated: 11:40pm BST 11/07/2008

Up to 100,000 jobs could be lost in the house building sector, according to industry figures, who have described conditions as “worse than at any time since the Second World War.”

Their warning came as Barratt Developments confirmed it was cutting more than a thousand workers – the fifth house builder this week to announce major job losses as a result of the dramatic slump in demand for new houses. 

The credit crisis, which has meant banks and building societies have stopped offering cheap mortgages, has created an unprecedented slump in demand, according to the industry.

Roger Humber, policy advisor at the House Builders Association, said: “It is uniquely bad. There is nothing to compared it to since the end of the Second World War.
“There is a complete collapse of credit and the number of new homes changing hands has fallen by 70 or 75 per cent compared with a year ago.”….(Full Story)

Who will be affected the most by this? Men and their families, of course!

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