Who Killed Jim Cannon?

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Nashville Scene News
July 3, 2008

Police still have not named a suspect in the murder of a local attorney

by Elizabeth Ulrich

[ Who Killed Jim Cannon ?] — Kelley Cannon, the wife of slain West Nashville attorney James “Jim” Cannon, used to hear voices in her family’s home. Sometimes they spoke to her over the telephone in the seemingly tranquil Bowling Avenue house that she shared with her husband and three children….

According to another affidavit, Kelley’s May arrest also stemmed from an argument with Jim, who smelled alcohol on her breath when they were fighting. Kelley had taken the couple’s youngest child, a female toddler, placed her in an SUV and rammed her husband’s car to push it out of her way. She then exited her car and tried to force past Jim to get to the other children, ripping his shirt and pinching his right bicep to the point of bruising….

Hollins says it wouldn’t be far-fetched to call Jim a victim of spousal abuse. “We had every possible court order we could possibly get against her to keep her away from him and the children and the house–and she violated every one of them,” Hollins says….(Full Story)


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