Canada’s socialist revolution? Was there one? Oh yes!

Updated 2018 05 16

Canada’s socialist revolution?  Was there one? Oh yes!  Canada was once a proud Dominion, part of “the British Empire — of which Canada was then a conscious, self-governing part,” as David Warren describes it in the second one of the two articles identified below.  Both articles deal with the issue of how Canada was made over from a proud, conservative Dominion into a soviet socialist republic.

  1. The Canadian Soviet Socialist Republic

a brief history

By Peter O’Donnell; 2008 06 26

Most revolutions are declared, fought, won and then consolidated. How long they last depends on how they evolve, or how much repression they can bring to bear.

But the Canadian revolution of 1968 was not declared, only fully visible in retrospect, and has not entirely replaced the ancient regime. This makes it the most unusual revolution in history. Even today, fewer than ten per cent of the people of Canada understand that a revolution has taken place, although perhaps half of them accept most or all of its principles.

As a result, Canada is a nation governed alternately by representatives of the revolution and the ancient regime, and the gulf between them continues to widen. Rather than being in dialogue, they operate along separate channels, without much interaction, just a mutual fear and loathing….Full Story (2018 05 16: That link has become corrupted.  Fortunately, a copy of the essay is accessible at the Internet Archive. —WHS)

  1. Remembering what we are, and what we can be

David Warren, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thinking back on the columns I’ve written for Dominion Day, over the years, I am struck by a tone almost of lamentation. “My” Canada — she of whose history I remain proud, from Cabot and Champlain through to childhood memory — the Canada for which my father and his father sailed off to Europe — is not in question here. Little symbols of that Canada still wash up in the flea markets, and I have a relic of it on the table as I write, forming a still life with the laptop, ashtray, and big mug of tea….

In my lifetime I have seen the “re-branding” of my country, and with it, inevitably, the rewriting of our history to accommodate many lies. The project began officially with Lester Pearson’s new flag, in 1964 — that ad-agency “red maple,” doubling as the emblem of the Liberal Party. Under Trudeau we saw this red maple used as a kind of rubber to erase the old heraldry, and almost every other symbol of Crown-in-Parliament followed into disuse. The proud word, “Dominion,” was among the noble artifacts put out with the trash in annus horribilis, 1982. [2]

By such acts — including, more substantially, the rewriting of our laws — our governments have made it impossible for the patriot of the old order to be a patriot of the new. And the very freedoms we inherited as Canadians now fall, successively, before the State’s new “human rights” inquisitors, as we face an ignominious future….

Full Story (2018 05 16: That link no longer functions. Fortunately, a copy of David Warren’s article got saved and is accessible at the Internet Archive. —WHS)

My Notes

  1. It was in 1962 that I emigrated with my wife and three young children to Canada, for much the same reasons described by ‘concan’, at 06/ 26/ 08 8:23 pm, following Peter O’Donnell’s essay.  Here is a pertinent excerpt from concan’s comment:

    ….The NGOs are a direct result of the brainwashing.

    NO WESTERN CHILD IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would have accepted the teachings of Marx in the face of the brutal reality that Marxism had created throughout the East Block.

    I went to school in Western Germany and graduated 1989, just before the fall of the Berlin wall. The school system in West Germany was infiltrated by communist sponsors and believers.

    We studied Marx and every communist from Marx to Castro, from Stalin to Che Guevara was elevated to a hero status. Socialism was declared good and capitalism bad. Where did the teachers come from that had these idealistic and purely ideological mindsets? Why was a majority of teachers at my school for example in sync with the mindset? It didn’t just happen at my school which is exemplified in the rise of the Greens and other socialist parties throughout Germany and other European democracies.

    I left Germany because I couldn’t take the bias anymore and the ignorant attraction to Marxism. Envy of the rich was the underlying theme at all the schools. Striving for the lowest common denominator and settling for 2nd best was taught as a principle for life! The strategy behind that was to ensure millions of useful idiots to further the expansion of communism.

    To be honest, I don’t know if we can re-educate an entire nation (Canada) when we are witnessing how communist elements have already swept across the US and created millions more useful idiots down South.

    Reason and common sense are out the door and lost for these people. Some of them will come around but in the face of worsening economic conditions, I think the 5th column is starting to roll.

    Putin and KGB are still in charge in Russia. China has almost completely absorbed all manufacturing from the West. I don’t believe for a second that these are all just unrelated events.

    That was posted in 2008.  Now, ten years later, with perfect hindsight, regardless of that the strategy and tactics for the socialist make-over of the developed nations look as if they are KGB-inspired and -steered, I have not the slightest idea that it is Putin and the KGB who are driving Canada’s socialist revolution, although during the Cold War the KGB most definitely did play an important role in that.  Today (2018),  the main powers are the UN, the IMF and the World Bank, and whoever controls them. (More on how the KGB planned and brought about communist subversion in many nations: Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete) – YouTube )

  2. 1982 was the year in which Canada acquired a home-grown, politically correct constitution that became the basis for transferring legislative powers from elected representatives in the House of Commons to patronage-appointed, activist Supreme Court judges. (More: The Charter Revolution & The Court Party (2000), by F.L. Morton and Rainer Knopff, book review)
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