Black Widow Julie McGinley

Black Widow Julie McGinley is Ulster’s notorious femme fatale.  It can be argued that the article by Steven Gordon is a “prosecutor’s” opening statement in a trial by media, but, as Steven Gordon stated, judge for yourself.

Ulster’s femme fatale Julie McGinley

Sunday Life

Judge for yourselves

Sunday, June 29, 2008

By Stephen Gordon

As Black Widow Julie McGinley launches a media charm offensive to protest her ‘innocence’ over husband Gerry’s murder, Sunday Life exposes her pathetic lies and gives you THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

Ulster’s most notorious femme fatale Julie McGinley has launched a charm offensive in a bid to get off with the murder of her husband, Gerry.

In a series of recent interviews and articles the pretty blonde killer has tried to portray herself as a vulnerable, naive little woman — the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice and a vile media smear campaign.

With a straight face, the woman who admits planting drugs on her husband to get him sent to jail, told one journalist: “I have always been an honest person, law-abiding, too trusting and naive.”

McGinley is also trying to clear her name through the Criminal Cases Review Commission. But why should anyone believe a word she says?

Never mind what the media says about her, at the Court of Appeal in 2006, Lord Justice Sir Michael Nicholson said after hearing McGinley in the witness box he was satisfied “she would lie and lie again to serve her own purposes”.

The senior judge described the Fermanagh mum-of-two as a “shrewd, devious and quick-witted” liar and it emerged she had even falsified answers to a personality test questionnaire in a cynical bid to deceive psychologists….(Full Story — that link no longer functions, but try this one for the whole story)

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