Illegitimate Political Agenda
25 June 2008

Illegitimate Political Agenda

By Karin Agness

This political season, the Democratic primary quickly turned into a lightning rod for discussing sexism, the “glass ceiling” and the good ol’ boys club. The usual suspects, Gloria Steinem, Geraldine Ferraro and Patricia Schroeder, were leading the way in making these claims. They were supported, however, by a vocal cadre of women from academia. The well-organized attacks launched by these professors caught many people off-guard because most people do not realize that this is exactly what these professors are trained to do – to lead social revolutions.

In the classic college environment, history professors are hired to research and teach students the history of a specific subject, such as a time period, country or war. Science professors are hired to research and teach students how things work in this world, such as what happens when you mix chemicals together. English professors are hired to teach students how to write effectively to convey a message.

What are women’s studies professors hired to do? According to the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) website, its mission is that it “…leads the field of women’s studies in educational and social transformation.” Women’s Studies professors are hired to work to remake society….

Women’s studies departments function less as academic departments and more as political organizations. They are one of the few departments that take a purely political stance, representing radical feminists and rejecting conservative women. Conservatives have generally ignored or been ignored by these departments, leaving these departments without any potentially moderating opposition. Thus, they pursue a feminist agenda that becomes more and more extreme and political. While the outspoken attacks in the election show the departments are successfully organizing to promote “social transformation,” our taxpayer dollars at public universities should not be used to promote a purely political agenda in the guise of academia.

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